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Do we really care about our staff?

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Ellie Taylor

Ellie Taylor, January 24, 2020

Having been in business for more years than I’m comfortable to count I wonder about the sincerity of the mantras we preach.

When minimum wage was introduced, I remember the rhetoric of business leaders giving support but behind closed doors worrying about the effect on their company. Working time regulations, paternity pay, pension auto enrolment and agency worker regulations were all topics which were matters of concern but were given a plastic endorsement by business leaders in order to appear socially responsible, much like Hollywood stars driving a Toyota Prius.

I believe now however, that since these rights have become established, very few people would declare them as damaging; I think most believe them to be right and correct.

Most business leaders today publicise the impression that they are people-focussed; however, how often do we hear of employees that are abandoned when the going gets tough? I would suggest that this happens more often than people would like to admit. The next stage after this is the proactive approach to a healthy workforce. There is and will be a faux impression of leaders being concerned about it – but some years down the line, everyone will agree that being genuinely concerned about your staff and genuinely interested in maintaining their health is a no-brainer.

As humans we are developing, and as employers we should be developing quicker. Grasp the nettle and take a genuine concern for your people – it will make you and your company better.

What can Insight do to help?

As Occupational Health specialists, we can provide a wide range of services to help you protect your staff. We provide medicals for a range of workers including Safety Critical workers, staff working Nights, and Drivers.

We recognise that supporting the Mental Health of your staff is just as important as the physical health. We offer Mobile health screening to bring our expertise to you, with a fleet of vehicles on standby.

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