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Occupational Health

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When there are concerns that a health condition may affect an individuals ability to do their job, or in cases of sickness absence, it is advisable to make a referral to occupational health so that the individual can be assessed, support can be given and any necessary adjustments can be made.


The aim is to support both the employee and the employer through effective clinical interventions which can make a real difference to a struggling employee. 

sickness absence

Our occupational health professionals provide a quality and timely service, often returning reports faster than the industry standard lead times, without compromising on quality.

We can fully manage ongoing health issues according to requirements. Appointments can be face to face, virtual or telephone, as required.

Our triage process allows our referrals to be assessed by an experienced clinician as soon as they enter our system.  Depending on the information that the referring manager has included,  the referral could be allocated to a number of clinicians,  for example;  occupational health adviser (nurse) occupational physician, mental health nurse, clinical psychologist, ergonomist, neurodiversity/dyslexia assessor or other specialist clinician. 

Our job is to ensure, so far as possible that the employee is assessed by the right clinician, first time and cases can be resolved without onward referral.

Occupational health records should be stored in a secure system. Therefore, all referrals are facilitated by our eOPAS system. The system ensures that all referrals are not only received and dealt with efficiently and quickly, but the highest levels of security are maintained at all times. 

Our operations team will facilitate the organisation of appointments and other associated administration making the referral process as smooth as possible. 

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When to refer...

There are concerns about the employee coping with a return to work after a period of absence.

The employer or employee suspects that work-related tasks may be aggravating the problem

There is concern that their health is affecting their performance

There is concern about their health

An employee has a high level of sickness absence

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