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When there are concerns that an employee’s health is affecting their ability to do their job, it is advisable to refer them to occupational health so that the situation can be assessed, concerns can be addressed, and any necessary adjustments can be made. The aim is to support both the employee and the employer.

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sickness absence

Our occupational health professionals provide a quality and timely service, often returning reports faster than the industry standard lead times, without compromising on quality.

We can fully manage ongoing health issues according to requirements. Appointments can be face to face, virtual or telephone, as required.

Our referrals are triaged by a senior nurse to either a physician or an occupational health advisor. For specialist mental health advice, we have a dedicated team who are on-hand to assist with any referrals. We are also able to provide specialist telephone advice where appropriate.


When to refer...

There are concerns about the employee coping with a return to work after a period of absence.

The employer or employee suspects that work-related tasks may be aggravating the problem

There is concern that their health is affecting their performance

There is concern about their health

An employee has a high level of sickness absence

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