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Our extensive range of employee services helps to pre-empt any potential risks and fulfil your legal requirements, all while boosting the morale, productivity, and wellness of your employees.

Discover our services today, and prepare to re-think your workplace health.

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Refer an

Have you noticed that one of your employees is struggling?

Our experienced physicians, occupational health advisors, and specialist mental health team are all on hand to assess the situation, and advise on the approach needed.  

Health Surveillance

This service will help you achieve your legislative requirements and obligations under regulations such as COSHH and Control of Vibration at Work regulations, all while ensuring the health of your employees remains a top priority.

From hearing tests to biological monitoring, you'll always be one step ahead.

Absence Management

If you're worried about the wellbeing of an employee, or if they're returning to work after a period of absence, our Absence Management service may be of use to you.

By supporting both the employee and the employer, our timely service provides you with the help you need, without compromising on quality. 



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