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Workplace Needs

A Workplace Needs Assessment is one of our more specialist services, used to identify any adjustments needed in order for a neurodiverse employee to fulfil the responsibilities of their role.

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Designed to help identify any reasonable adjustments that can be implemented to support a neurodiverse employee in the workplace, this assessment is typically conducted remotely via interview.


An assessor will look into the employee’s role and any issues they’re experiencing as a result of their condition, while taking into account the concerns of the employer and HR/Occupational Health.


Job Specific


Once the assessment has been completed, a list of realistic and appropriate recommendations for adjustment will be sent to the employer.


Since Workplace Needs Assessments are job specific, one should be completed each time the employee changes their role.

What's included?

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Free or low-cost solutions


Awareness training for colleagues


One-to-one strategy coaching


IT Assistance

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