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Drug & Alcohol

Drug and alcohol testing services help our customers to achieve a healthy, safe and compliant workplace. Various different forms of intervention from planned, random screening programmes through to “for cause” intervention can help to change cultures within our customers’ organisations.

About drug testing

Most drug tests do not look for the drugs themselves but for the chemicals that remain in the body after the drug breaks down. These are called metabolites, and can be found in blood, urine, hair, sweat or saliva.

The most common test is urine analysis, which can detect traces of drugs for up to three or four days after they have been taken – or, in the case of cannabis, for several weeks after it has been used, especially in heavy users.

Drug testing will not tell you whether a person is currently under the influence of a drug, but it will tell you that they have taken it. Anyone who carries out drug testing must be accredited by the UK Accreditation Service and comply with the International Standard for laboratories (ISO 17025).


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