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Fork-Lift Truck

For most Fork-Lift Truck (FLT) workplaces, a standard of fitness assessment equivalent to that for the Group 1 entitlement (ordinary driving licence holders) would be appropriate for staff, however for more hazardous working conditions including working at night or moving highly toxic or explosive materials it may be more appropriate for staff to be assessed to the Group 2 entitlement (heavy goods vehicle licence holders).

What's involved in a FLT medical?

The FLT medical assessment is undertaken at one of our clinics, or in your workplace and includes a detailed health questionnaire including questions about potential musculoskeletal disorders, vision assessment, blood pressure and blood sugar if diabetic. The appointment should take no more than 25 min.

Where necessary, it may be appropriate for the individual to be referred to speak with an occupational health clinician for further guidance, for example to ensure that medication or underlying health condition does not impact upon the operators ability to undertake all aspects of their role.

Generally, employees should have a FLT medical every 5 years and annually from the age of 65.

The purpose of these medical assessments is to identify any health issues that may pose a risk to the operator or others in the workplace. By ensuring that operators are physically capable and free from conditions that could impair their ability to operate a forklift truck, employers can promote a safer work environment.

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