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Face Fit 

It is a legal requirement that workers using tight fitting respiratory protective equipment (face pieces/masks) must be fit tested by a competent person. Competence can be demonstrated by accreditation under the fit2fit RPE fit test providers accreditation scheme. This scheme has been developed by the BSIF, together with industry stakeholders and is supported by the HSE.

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fit testing

Face fit testing is a legal requirement for wearers of close fitting masks. A fit test is a 20 minute test which checks whether a persons mask fits their face shape and size. 

We offer quantitative fit testing via the ambient particle testing method, using a portacount machine. If your operatives wear tight fitting face pieces in the workplace then you will need to provide evidence of a fit test for each difference make, model and size of mask they use. 

The portacount machine is highly sophisticated and provides a quantitative assessment of faceseal leakage. For added flexibility we can offer the qualitative fit testing method, if required. 


Legal Requirement


Here at Insight, we invest in employee health. We therefore provide the quantitative fit testing method as it is the most accurate form of RPE fit testing. 

Fit testing is not only a legal requirement, but it is essential to protect employee health.


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