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If you have concerns about an employee's health adversely affecting their performance at work, we can help.

We will assess the situation, address any concerns in a positive way, and make the necessary adjustments.

Throughout the whole process, we ensure that both the employer and the employee feel supported and secure.

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Keeping productivity

Our goal when it comes to Absence Management is to transition the employee back into the workplace as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, and this goal is one we often share with the employer, too.

Part of the service we provide is the full management of ongoing health issues, taking the pressure off the employer. Our physicians or occupational health advisors carry out appointments either face-to-face, virtually, over the phone, or in one of our clinics.

We're conscious that you'll want your employee back on the workforce sooner rather than later, which is why we provide a timely service, often returning reports faster than the industry standard lead times while never compromising on quality.

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Making a

We understand that some absences require a longer period away from work than others, often due to a complex health or wellness concern.

Our referrals are triaged by a senior nurse to either a physician, occupational health specialist, or the mental health team depending on the nature of the referral.


This ensures that the employee receives the professional treatment that is right for them, resulting in the likelihood of them returning to work sooner rather than later.

If you're concerned about an employee, or would like any further advice, we're always happy to help.

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