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In addition to our DSE and ergonomic assessments, we can also supply a range of specialist ergonomic equipment including: chairs, desks and keyboards. Contact us for any questions you may have!

Specialist Ergonomic Chairs


This task chair has the performance credentials of a specialist chair, yet still has an aesthetic appeal that makes it suitable for large-scale preventative use. Highly adjustable arms, headrest, and back support, including integrated air cells in the lumbar and pelvic area, guarantees a better fit for users. With a contoured back shape offering snugger support, and a smaller seat option for shorter users, the Spira plus provides ergonomic support for all. With two back sizes and two seat sizes, the range enables accurate set-up and fit-for-purpose seating solutions for all shapes and sizes of user. The chair also features a retrofittable headrest and 4D arms, making it suitable for a variety of tasks and applications.


Standard Product Description:

Castors: 65mm Black Castors. (Hard tyre, free-wheel castors).

Base: Low Level Black Nylon Base.

Gas Lift: Standard Gas Lift. Low Level Gas Lift available at no additional cost.

Black, powder coated steel barrel with 170mm of travel on desk chairs.

Mechanism: Standard Mechanism. Synchronous action with up to 20 degrees of recline and 5 degrees of forward tilt.

Independent back angle adjustment of 6 degrees.

Seat: Standard Sliding Seat.

Black seat pad with seat depth adjustment of 50mm.

Upholstery: Standard upholstery.

Standard Arms (MBA, MBAH, HBA, HBAH). Black soft touch arm pad with 100mm of height adjustment and 55mm forward / backwards adjustment with 30 degrees inward / outward movement.

Seat Cushion: Combustion Modified High Resilient (CMHR) moulded foam with memory foam wrap. Seamless cover for fabric upholstery and panelled cover for leather or vinyl.

Backrest: Sculpted back with both lumbar and pelvic adjustable air support as well as 70mm back height adjustment.

Headrest: Black nylon carrier with matching upholstered cushion with 45 degrees rotation and 60mm of travel.



Seat width: 460mm standard / 490mm shallow Seat height: 465-635mm Seat depth: 420-470mm standard / 350-400mm shallow Back width: 490mm High-back height: 595-665mm Mid-back height: 475-545mm Overall chair height: 1070-1240mm Arm width inner: 395-465mm Arm width outer: 590-660mm Arm vertical travel: 70mm Arm pad travel: 55mm Arm pad to seat: 160-260mm



Optional Upcharges*:

Castors: 65mm Brake Unloaded Castor (hard or soft).

Glides: Available as an upcharge.

Seat: Shallow Sliding Seat.

Coccyx Cut-out.

Upholstery: Comfort Seat Quilt or Two-Tone Upholstery.

Gas Lift: Low Counter Height Gas Lift, Low Counter Height Gas Lift and foot Ring, Low Counter Height Gas Lift and Footplate, High Counter Height Gas Lift, High Counter Height Gas Lift and foot Ring, High Counter Height Gas Lift, and Footplate.



FLO is designed for maximum fit with minimum fuss Three years of research and development have resulted in a simple set-up chair offering a greater range of adjustment than any other, making it a game changer in specialist ergonomic seating.

Standard Product Description:

Castors: 65mm Black Castors.

Base: Low level Black Nylon Base, 26-inch diameter.

Gas Lift: Standard Gas Lift (Black double action, 195mm travel). Low Level Gas Lift available at no additional cost.

Mechanism: Standard Mechanism. Non-synchronous action with up to 17 degrees of recline and 8 degrees of forward tilt.

Independent back angle adjustment of 6 degrees.

Upholstery: Standard Upholstery.

Weight Range: 7 to 23.5 stone.

Seat: Standard Sliding Seat.

Black polypropylene sliding seat with 100mm of travel as standard.

Foam: Moulded CMHR foam.

Arms: Standard Arms (MBA, MBAH, HBA, HBAH). Black PU lockable arm pad with 360 degrees rotation, width adjustment, retraction adjustment and 100mm height adjustment.

Backstem: Back height adjustment mech with 100mm travel over 7 positions.

Back: Dual density foam with integral lumbar and thoracic pump as standard Index card.


Seat width: 520mm at its widest Seat height: 460-620mm Effective seat depth: 400-500mm Back width: 485mm at its widest High back height: 585-685mm Mid back height: 535-635mm Overall chair height: 1040-1200mm Arm width inner: 410-510mm Arm width outer: 640-740mm Arm vertical travel: 100mm Arm pad travel: 40mm Arm pad to seat: 160-260mm



Redefining comfort, support, and adjustability. Taking inspiration from the movement of the body. Integrating style and function with posture seating credentials. Synchronised controls with independent backrest angle adjustments. A unique and modern solution to everyday ergonomics.


Features As standard:

  • Synchronised Mechanism

  • Adjustable Body tension control

  • Seat angle adjustment

  • Independent backrest angle adjustment

  • Integral seat slide

  • Ratchet backrest height adjustment

  • Flex-front posture seat

  • Inflatable lumbar support

  • Adjustable arms

  • Ergo-density foam

  • 150kg Maximum weight capacity


Optional Extras:

  • Polished Base (AB)

  • AirFlo Seat Cell (ASC)

  • Coccyx Cut-Out (CC)

  • Inflatable Thoracic Cell (ITC)

  • Performance Foam (PF)

  • Headrest

  • Multifunctional Arms

  • Upgrade fabrics for both home and office use

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DSE Solutions

ALPHA ergonomic pointing device

Mousetrapper Alpha is the world’s first centred ergonomic pointing device with a full-sized, integrated keyboard. Alpha has a total of 19 programmable keys, making it our most dynamic Mousetrapper to date.


Alpha combines the benefits of a centred pointing device with the user friendliness of a full-sized keyboard. Alpha connects to your
computer via Bluetooth or USB cable and has a long battery life,
so you can e
njoy the flexibility of working wirelessly. By combining
a keyboard and an ergonomic pointing device, you will never need
to think about which keyboard is suitable for your Mousetrapper
or adjust the gap between the pointing device and keyboard.
Mousetrapper Alpha is the perfect product for those who want to
reduce pain and improve wellbeing without having to compromise
efficiency or flexibility.

Key Functions

  • Ergonomic mouse alternative with integrated keyboard

  • 19 programmable keys for customisation to your own needs

  • Up to 2 months of battery life between charges

  • Control pad with click and scroll functions

  • Super-slim, ergonomic design

  • Bluetooth 4.1

  • 2000 dpi


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Standing up at work has been found to significantly impact the amount of energy the body burns.

We burn almost twice as much energy when standing up as when sitting down at work. If you have a sit-stand desk at work, you can gain a lot from standing up for most of the working day. A
Mousetrapper Active mat stops your feet getting tired, allowing you to stand for longer periods.


You don’t need special shoes when you use an Active. The Active
mat is soft, comfortable and stable and allows you to wear your
ordinary shoes while keeping your feet in an ergonomic position.


If you ever feel pain in your arms, shoulders or neck, try working
standing up. It’s easy – just move your chair to one side, raise your
desk and lay your Active on the floor. You’ll feel more invigorated
when your body switches from a resting to a more active state.


Mousetrapper aims to prevent pain at work. If you ever feel
pain in your arms, shoulders or neck, it’s easy to try out an

Key Functions

  • Ergonomic mat that helps you stay standing for longer at work.

  • The Active is designed so that you can wear your ordinary
    shoes while keeping your feet in an ergonomic and
    comfortable position.

  • You burn significantly more energy when you stand up than
    when you sit down all day.

  • Many lifestyle diseases in developed countries are caused by
    being too sedentary. When you stand up, you continuously
    distribute your weight between both feet. This signals to the
    body that you are active and causes it to burn more energy.

  • Stylish mat, made of hardwearing rubber and polyurethane
    (PU) which is easy to clean.



Elegant and ergonomic. Standfriend from Mousetrapper helps you avoid unnecessary pain while working at the computer. By switching between standing and sitting, you feel better and have more stamina. Complete with a centered pointing device for an elegant, ergonomic solution – at home or at the office.


We all feel better from a varied working position. Standfriend is an excellent solution to vary your working position easily.

Intelligent design means that you can easily find the right working height for you. The generous keyboard platform provides space for your mobile phone, notes or water glass.

Designed to be easy to handle. You take out and remove your Standfriend in a few steps – and it looks good on the wall when you are not using it.

Standfriend is designed and manufactured in Sweden – which reduces transportation needs and provides transparency of the entire production cycle.

The desk is reversible; choose between a smooth White surface or an elegant Graphite Grey.
Choose between black or light gray metal stand.

Standfriend is easy to store, and the folded, flat design does not take up much space. Hang it on the wall or put it away when you don’t need it.

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