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Workplace Needs Assessments Dyslexia


Our Neurodiversity support service is designed for people who require some support to maintain a balance to their mental health and  wellbeing.  Many people who have neurodiverse tendencies such as Autism, Dyslexia, ADHD, ASD  often find that they require some support and advice to help them navigate the daily stresses and strains of work life.


This advice and support is given by our specialist occupational health staff who understand the needs of those with a neurodiverse personality and are experienced in these issues.  The support sessions can range from just one session to a series of six or more if needed. 


The aim is to be able to increase the wellbeing of the staff member and reduce the chances of workplace issues that may usually require a standard OH appointment.

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If you are interested in implementing any of our Services, or would simply like to learn more about one in particular, our team of friendly professionals are always happy to help and offer their expertise.

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