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Here's what some of our clients have had to say about their experience with Insight Workplace Health.

LLP Reserved UK Ltd

"The team at Insight Workplace Health have been an amazing support to both our team and business – the advice has been prompt, detailed and second to none.
The portal is very user friendly and the team are always on hand to support with further information if and when required be it around a specific case or not quite knowing which button to press for a specific report to be printed – no problem seems to be too big or too small.
Being a retail business we do require support that is quite flexible with time and the Insights team have never failed in accommodating our needs in any given circumstance.
Health issues have risen greatly across the globe and medical support is more of a demand now than ever before so it is also refreshing to know that the wait time to see any given practitioner is also very minimal meaning our team are looked after and supported very quickly."

Morgan Plc

"Our Company’s experience with Insight Workplace Health is an extremely positive one. The team are professional, caring and considerate


The wealth of knowledge and expertise from the whole team has provided our Company with a premium occupational health care service. 


The services range from our annual medical surveillance, bloods, recall clinics, flu vaccinations, mental health and wellbeing care, training courses such as First Aid in the Workplace to mention but a few. 

Insight Workplace Health are always happy to hold clinics at our site, which is invaluable to us and the employees.   


Thank you Insight for all that you do. "

Healthcare Management Trust

As an organisation, Insight have supported our Occupational Health requirements for five years with a continuing standard of excellence.
From support of our general Occupational health requirements, pre-placement screenings, management referrals, and even webinars to support our organisations development, we always receive a friendly and supportive service from Insight Workplace Health.

MöllerTech Limited

"MöllerTech Limited has worked with Insight Workplace Health for approximately 4 years. Their support during this period has been exemplary with an extremely professional manner during all correspondence whether by email or telephone.
The Team at Insight Workplace Health have exceptionally high standards and their work ethic is faultless.
We would thoroughly recommend Insight Workplace Health as a company who are willing to go the extra mile for their clients, and does so in a friendly, professional manner."

Monmouthshire County Council

MCC commenced the contract for Occupational Health services with INSIGHT Workplace Health in August 2022. We are really impressed to date with the service provided, especially the speed of turnaround of OH reports (which is amazing!) and the ease of access to information for our managers and head-teachers. Everyone is very pleased with the service provided to date.


Highlights for MCC are:

INSIGHT are very responsive; both during implementation phase and to date – any email contact is responded to straight away (usually the same day) and they have been really keen to provide as much information as possible. They are as keen as us to make sure that the OH service provision in MCC is effective.

Helpful & Supportive – INSIGHT ‘held our hand’ as we introduced the new contract into our organisation. This was really useful as we are a small Local Authority so resource to implement new services is tight. The transfer from our previous provider was seamless – INSIGHT did everything. We also had the opportunity to be-spoke our processes and everything was very easy and straight forward.

Communication – Our contacts at INSIGHT are very friendly and approachable – both on the administrative/process side and the clinical side. We hold regular quarterly service review meetings where we can offer & receive feedback and we are continually impressed that we see all 4 of the people who we met as part at contract award stage (so no ‘drop off’ in attentiveness post contract award stage!).


Particularly impressive is also the ability to be able to consider a variety of issues at our meetings  - which provide the value-added element to our OH service provision in Monmouthshire – for example, the opportunity to talk about the impact of menopause, mental health wellbeing, new advice on making return to work plans even more effective, and the opportunity to set up case conferences.


The feedback from our managers and head-teachers is great and they are very satisfied with the service they receive.

Overall I would say that the client relationship is excellent and the INSIGHT team are super responsive to our needs and aspirations.

Photronics (UK) Ltd

"We have been working with Insight Workplace Health now for around 2 years. The service they provide is superb, flexible and they are committed to understanding our business needs.

The quality of service they provide whether this be management referrals, DSE assessments or training is of a high standard. Within the reports you will get a detailed review as well as recommendations. In addition, the employees involved have commented on the extremely helpful knowledge and support provided to them at their appointments.

We highly recommend this company, you can expect positive outcomes from accessing their service."
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