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Sharps Incident Service

Insight Workplace Health can support you and your staff where sharps injuries are sustained in the workplace.

We recommend that all those who may use or encounter sharps within their role are made aware of the risk assessment and method statement (RAMS), which may include Hep B immunisation and of the emergency action to be taken should an injury occur; including the importance of the immediate first aid: gently encouraging bleeding, washing the site with soap and water (copious amounts of water for mucosal exposures), washing eyes prior to and after removing contact lenses.

Staff should be referred for a short consultation with an occupational health clinician as soon as reasonably practicable following the sharps injury in order that the nature of the injury can be established, the likely risk of harm from blood borne viruses discussed, and recommendations put in place with regards to current immunity, if not already aware of Hep B immunity status. Signposting to the local A&E or sexual health clinic for post exposure prophylactic medication and the collection of bloods for storage and ongoing testing for blood borne viruses in the subsequent months where necessary.

When advised about your employee’s sharps injury we will endeavour to undertake a consultation with them, remotely (video or telephone) or face to face, within 48 hours* where a nurse will speak with your member of staff, determine what action will need to be taken, advise you of any necessary immunisations required and whether or not any follow up call is required.

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