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Wellbeing and
Health Promotion

Being recognised as an employer that takes care of their employee's health and wellbeing at work has a huge positive reflection on the reputation and culture of your business, whilst also having a positive impact on employee morale and sickness absence.

Health and wellbeing at work

Taking a
proactive approach

Our OHNA/technician will be able to conduct a variety of health promotion days to help improve the inner culture of your business.

These health days include blood pressure clinics, cholesterol/blood glucose checks, smoking cessation/awareness, healthy eating clinics, mental health/stress awareness workshops, and alcohol & drug awareness.

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The Benefits

Workplace Wellbeing

Investing in health promotion days doesn't only benefit you as an employer; they're hugely beneficial for your employees, too.

They will gain valuable insights into their own health and wellbeing, and will perhaps be encouraged to make positive lifestyle changes.

By incorporating some of the health and wellness advice given by our OHNA/technician, this could result in less sick leave for your employees, which thus creates a more productive workplace. 

Health days include:

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Alcohol and drug awareness


Healthy eating clinics


Mental health/stress awareness workshops


Smoking cessation/awareness


Cholesterol/blood glucose checks


Blood pressure clinics

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If you are interested in implementing any of our Services, or would simply like to learn more about one in particular, our team of friendly professionals are always happy to help and offer their expertise.

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