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To obtain (or renew) your HGV or PCV (PSV) drivers’ licence you will need to undergo a face to face medical and have the DVLA D4 medical examination report completed by a qualified medical practitioner.

Why it's important

The assessment is undertaken to meet legal requirements, ensure road safety and promote diver health and ensures that the individual (driver) is fit to undertake driving and any other related tasks, including accessing and exiting the vehicle, undertaking daily vehicle checks and checks of the vehicle load (or in the case of PCV/PSV) able to assist as required with the needs of the passengers being carried.

What is involved?

The medical assessment includes the taking of a comprehensive medical history (of both physical and mental health) to determine potential risks related to any underlying health conditions, height and weight, a vision assessment, confirmation that there are no significant issues with hearing, checking of an individual’s blood pressure and where necessary a physical examination.


Drivers will need to ensure that they bring their current driver’s license or passport (to confirm their identity), any relevant medical reports (from a GP or Consultant) along with a list of any medication which is currently being taken.


Drivers are advised to attend the medical well rested, and wear clothing that will allow a physical examination if necessary.

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