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Safety critical medicals for plant operators

For re-assurance a plant operator medical, SEQOHS medical, fit to work medical and a safety critical medical are different names for the same medical assessment within occupational health.

Frustratingly within the Occupational Health (OH) sector employers may see different terminology being used to describe the same service provision, which of course can be confusing if you are needing to book the necessary medicals to ensure that your staff are fit to undertake all aspects of their role.

At Insight Workplace Health we use the term safety critical medical (SCM) to denote our most comprehensive medical assessments, which are used by trades workers, construction workers, steel erectors, scaffolders, plant operators, workers within heavy industry and firefighters etc.

The SCM includes a detailed past medical history questionnaire and questions about current health conditions, symptoms and/or treatments including:

• Cardiovascular disease, chest pain, palpitations, or blood disorders

• Dizziness, epilepsy, head injury, persistent headaches, or stroke

• Diabetes, thyroid disease, Parkinson’s disease, or multiple sclerosis

• Stress, anxiety, or depression

• Allergies, current drugs or medications, illegal drug or alcohol misuse

• Stomach or bowel disorders, kidney, bladder, liver, or gall bladder disease

• Hernias or any other factor which may impact upon an individual’s fitness for their role

The following are also covered by the SCM as required depending upon the role that your staff undertake: audiometry, HAVS assessment, musculoskeletal disorders, respiratory health, skin assessment and vision assessment.

It is important if you are sending your staff for SCM that they are aware what type of vehicle they are or will be driving within their role as the vision requirements for driving Group 1 and Group 2 vehicles differs significantly.

If you work within a sector where there are additional requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us in order that we can add the additional events i.e. electrocardiogram (ECG) or chest x-ray (CXR) to the assessment process.

N.B. Additional assessments may need to take place on subsequent dates depending upon availability.

If you require a safety critical medical simply contact us here or call us on 01792 321010 to get booked in, for a limited time ONLY we have safety critical medicals available for £75 on Fridays!

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