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Insight - a technology driven occupational health service

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

It is important that any modern occupational health service is driven by a secure portal system to securely manage the occupational health service in line with GDPR.

Insight’s eOPAS system drives everything that we do. This secure portal system is crucial for the secure storage of special category data for the statutory period, to ensure that clinical information is always available to clinicians during consultations and to ensure efficiency and speed of return of reports and certificates.

As a customer, you will have access to the user friendly platform that allows you to assign portal questionnaires to individuals, to make referrals, track progress and view reports and certificates. You can also view management information in real time, via the virtual dashboard feature.

The system allows us to complete huge volumes of Health Surveillance and deliver the certificates quicker than our competitors whilst ensuring quality is not compromised.

Insight Workplace Health can manage all recalls and follow up appointments using the eOPAS system. Our operations team will update managers a month in advance of recall dates to arrange clinics and follow ups.

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