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ML5 Medicals

Insight Workplace Health are pleased to announce that we are now able to provide our customers with ML5 Medical Certificates for their seafaring staff, a legal requirement ensuring that the individual meets the medical standards of the Marine and Coastguard Agency and International Maritime Organisation.


The consultation involves a face-to-face appointment with one of our Occupational Health Physicians, who are registered with the General Medical council (GMC) and will ensure that the individual being assessed meets the minimum medical requirements to undertake all aspects of their role when working at sea.


The following individuals will require an ML5:

  • The master of a passenger ship that does not go to sea (Class IV or V)

  • The master of a commercial vessel that does not go to sea

  • The master or a crew member of a small commercial vessel certificated for Area Category 2 to 6 (no more than 60 miles from a safe haven)

  • A crew member or anyone else (for example catering staff) who normally works on a domestic passenger ship (Class VI or VIA) that goes to sea

  • The master or crew of a fishing vessel under 24m* (from 30th November 2023)


Duties undertaken may include the following, depending upon their role:

Routine duties:

  • Navigating the boat safely

  • Safely berthing and unberthing the boat

  • Helping passengers on and off the boat

  • Moving and lifting objects up to 30kg

  • Operating winches and handling ropes

  • Climbing access ladders


Emergency duties:

  • Rescuing persons from the water

  • Tackling a fire

  • Provision of first aid

  • Carrying out an evacuation of the boat

  • Climbing in and out of a life raft at sea


Specific to fishing vessels:

  • Fishing operations, handling nets, winches, pots, lines and wires

  • Processing catch involving gutting, cleaning, sorting and stowage of catch to boxes or freezers

  • Landing catch using boxes, cranes or Derricks

  • Cleaning decks and other spaces

  • Operation of machinery, engines, generators and winches etc.


The individual attending for the ML5 medical MUST bring with them:

  • Original photographic identification i.e. driving licence or passport.

  • A paper copy of the ML5 form MSF 4112 - ML5 medical report and certificate v0223 ( , and ensure that Part A has been completed prior to arrival, however THEY MUST NOT SIGN the declaration until the consultation with the doctor.

  • Any glasses or contact lenses required.

  • Where necessary a list of any medication currently being taken and/or any ongoing medical conditions.


The health assessment may take up to 60 min depending upon the age and any underlying conditions of the individual and includes:

  • A detailed health questionnaire relating to both physical and mental health

  • Height and weight

  • Blood pressure

  • Vision assessment (distance and colour)

Physical examination or additional tests (as required depending upon any underlying health conditions)


The certificate (page 10 of the document – see link above) once completed will confirm that the holder is medically fit to hold a BML, RYA commercial endorsement or to work on vessels listed on the form.


Insight Workplace Health will retain a copy of the certificate which will be stored electronically in line with GDPR.


To avoid any impact upon an employee’s ability to work at sea we advise that appointments are booked well in advance (several weeks) of any current ML5 certificate expiring.


The certificate is valid for up to 5 years, but must be undertaken annually from the age of 65.


For more information about ML5 medicals contact us here or call us on 01792 321010

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