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Step into 2024 with strength: how occupational health sets your business on the right foot

A new year. A fresh start. While we often focus on personal resolutions, this January, let's shift the spotlight to your business. Because a thriving company starts with a healthy, happy workforce. That's where occupational health comes in, your unsung hero for a successful 2024.

Why occupational health matters

Occupational health is about how work and the work environment can affect an employee’s health and equally how an employee’s health can affect their ability to do the job. 

Think of your employees as the engine of your business. Occupational health keeps that engine running smoothly. It's not just about avoiding workplace injuries (though that's crucial). It's about:

  • Boosting productivity: Healthy employees are energised and focused, leading to higher output and fewer lost days due to illness.

  • Reducing costs: Investing in occupational health saves money in the long run. That means fewer insurance claims, lower absenteeism, and faster recovery times.

  • Improving morale: When employees feel cared for and safe, they're more engaged and loyal, creating a positive company culture.

  • Legal compliance and duty of care: Occupational health services help you meet workplace health and safety regulations, ensuring that your business operates within the law and protects the well-being of your employees.

Your 2024 occupational health resolutions:

Ready to make 2024 your business's healthiest year yet? Take action

  • Team up with a multidisciplinary occupational health specialist: The foundation for quality occupational health provision is a rich mix of skills and expertise drawn from different specialist disciplines. Insight workplace health comprises of a skilled multidisciplinary team of specialists in occupational medicine.

Insight Workplace Health provide a combination of occupational health adviser, occupational physician, ergonomist, mental health nurse adviser, clinical psychologist, occupational health technician and other specialist appointments, leaving no stone unturned in providing a happier and healthier workforce.

Make occupational health an extension of your business, contact us here or call us on 01792 321010 to get the ball rolling today!

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